From now on you will be working on actually building your ePortfolio.

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  • You will create pages and put them in your menu.
  • You will work on your layout and design.
  • You will add images and text to your pages.

Remember everything you learned about copyright!

Get free to use images here.


Week of May 29

This week you will be working on your individual ePortfolio template, using your group template as a starting point. Go back to these questions.

When you finish you can start writing some of your content and collecting images.

Do this by going to our class Google Folder, find the folder called “ePortfolio text” and begin a document for yourself. This is where you should begin writing the text that you want to add to your website.

You can also learn more about good design and get inspired here:



Week of May 15

It’s been awhile, but try to think back to the interviews and what we learned:


How positively or negatively do people think about teenagers online? What do you need to do to dispell their preconceived notions or to build on their positive expectations? What is it that is most important to and about you that needs to be shown?


What have you learned?


Your goal is to have a visual map of a possible site by the end of this week, as a group template and then refined for yourself.


Explore the questions

Begin in your group by discussing the questions (find these on the Empathize page) and recording what you think the answers are. Share your own online personas as they are today. You did an activity in the fall about this.

Find the information here: 

What data can you gather just from these profiles? What other information can you find online about these questions?

Remember these resources?

Who would you need to talk to and what would you ask them? Prepare questions for our Interview Panel next week.

Also begin working on creating your personal brand (Who are you? page)