Let’s get started with answering our BIG question by asking some more little questions.

The content:

  • Who is your online audience?
  • Why are they looking at your website?
  • What are they trying to find out?
  • What are their expectations? Both positive and negative.
  • What are the problems with online identities?
  • What do they want to see?

The site:

  • What do they love and hate about websites?
  • What types of sites do they like?
  • What makes them stay on a site?
  • What do they find confusing?

Your first task is to find answers to these questions and any more that you can come up with. You want to get into the ‘head’ of your viewers – and the results might vary depending on who they are.

Still not sure what this means?  Watch this video again.


Product: Notes, mindmap, etc with information that answers the questions. Come prepared with this to next week’s class.